Photographs by Jens Schwarz

Cameron, Springfield Rd


Rehearsal room, Blackstaff Mill

Falls area, Kilmore Cl

Gunshot wound Brendan’s boxing coach got during The Troubles

Brendan, Blackstaff Mill sports club

Éirí Amach na Cásca, Beechmont Ave

Blackstaff Mill, Springfield Rd

Faolan & Seamus, Falls Rd

Who Can Endure The Most, 1981 hunger-striker Francis Hughes, Northumberland St

Road closed, security gate, Northumberland St interface

West Belfast stands against Brexit, Falls Rd

Peace Wall, view from Catholic Falls to Protestant Shankill area, Bombay St

Grace, Maya & Saoirse, St Galls Ave

Tara, St Galls Ave

Chris, Blackstaff Mill sports club

Linfield vs Celtic, Red Devil pub, Falls Rd

Cavendish St

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