Photographs by Jens Schwarz

A coffin with the Irish flag is transferred to be burnt at an 11th Night bonfire next to a peace wall interfacing with Catholic Irish Republican Falls neighborhood, Conway St, Upper Shankill

Girl drinking WKD blue, Conway St bonfire


Patricia, Lower Shankill

Aaron, Lower Shankill

Bonfire preparations, Lower Shankill

Jamie, Lower Shankill

Mark & Dean, Mountainview Tavern

FIFA, Gareth’s house


Mark & Gereth


Jay, North Belfast Friendship Club

Cupar Way

Her Majesty, Crimea St

Red Hand Commando, Dover St

UVF, Shankill Rd

Boy at marching band rehearsal, Linfield social club, Upper Shankill


Ashmore St

Agnes & William, Conway St

Duncan, Conway St

Trevor & Ellis, Conway St

Peace wall, Cupar Way

Bonfire preparations, Conway St

Focus discussion, Hammer Youth Club

Focus discussion, North Belfast Friendship Club

Spier’s Place, Shankill Rd

Neil’s birthday party, Stadium Bar

Trevor, Stadium Bar

Neil’s birthday party, Stadium Bar

Neil’s birthday party, Stadium Bar

Aaron, Stadium Bar

Patsy, Stadium Bar


Harvey & Trevor, Stadium Bar

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